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AI Powered Teacher's Assistant

Save time and improve your students' grades with AI powered classroom tools. Customize AI responses to pull answers from your materials. Allow students to ask questions without feeling embarrassed.

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Tyler Standifird

UVU Professor

“To see a 10% jump in test scores is insane. I know Compliment is a big part of that.”
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App Clips allow students to ask anonymous questions without downloads, logins, or risks to privacy.

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Compliment's A.I. allows students to ask any question and get real answers from your materials instantly.

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Upload your materials and let our A.I. answer questions about assignments and exams. 


How Compliment helps empower students and raise test scores at Utah Valley University


"Compliment has saved me so much time, its great to just focus on teaching."

Kandace Flanary
Professor, UVU
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